Thursday, March 29, 2007

preface to the introduction

The story below is a mesh of lots of things. I am trying to relate, all the missing fragmented pieces of myself into this person; that person is of course the protagonist in the works below. Elements of the past, stripping things, moving them around. This story below is also a short story. Though perhaps not entirely complete, it has been revised and worked on for some time and I am putting it here, read it, its about the minimum length, 3000 words, maybe a bit more. Enjoy it, I spent the time writing the original draft in the morning, which, as many writers say and now I have to tend to agree, is an excellent time to write. I spent the time writing it instead of going to a 45 minute lecture on T.S. Eliot. I apologize to Mr. Eliot's dead and hopefully resting soul, I will read your poem good sir perhaps tonight by the sunset. I think it far more appropriate. I rather enjoyed how I spent part of this day. The other half, late afternoon, I took a nap. Indulging in something I haven't done lately. Rather than strain my heart into loving something I don't I figured I'd give it a rest today and devote it entirely to something that I do.

I have been playing with a couple of ideas. First and foremost, I have a rather huge crush on the characters of fantasy and lore. Fairies and Ogres, Minotaurs and the like. Though this piece is devoid of such things, I have enjoyed taking people I see and know and morphing them into such creatures. And I also enjoy mixing completely fictional things into the real. More and more, it becomes rather boring to stick to one or the other. So if later on you read, 'I took out a cigarette, and pushed it between my lips and closed my eyes smoking with the vivid purple sunrise behind me,' know that I wish that I was that cool. I'm not.

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