Monday, March 26, 2007

I realized tonight something rather horrible and extraordinary all at once. All about the lake. And I didn't want to open with, 'I realized,' however, I am sitting in blue bicycle shorts from American Apparel, in a white t-shirt, and drinking water out of the same coffee mug that I haven't washed in three months. So I figured there wasn't any point to deciphering out my 'crazy' head, something besides I realized. I just, let it be. And I hope thats cool enough.

The lake just goes round in the same circle. And as beautiful it is, I walk that same circle everyday. I am just putting myself through a giant metaphor for life. And that circle is just me living, over and over. And I know that the subject of monotony and routine is a very old hat indeed. But I just know that this is what I am doing. Here, there, Las Vegas and its shining towers, or Oslo and its foggy fjords. It doesn't matter where the place is. So I'm just living this giant metaphor where eventually I die and can't walk around the circle anymore.

I walk that fucking lake. Then I come back here and write about walking the lake. And its the same thing over and over again.

What the hell happened? With anything. And I don't even really know what that exactly means. 'What the hell happened? With anything.'

It just seems like the thing to say when contemplating where 'you' exactly are in 'your' life.


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