Wednesday, December 20, 2006

on the next arrested development

I'm Jan. 2 and it still doesn't feel like its happening. I don't know. I get awesome Christmas bonuses from my clients though. I love working around this time of year for that alone. Tom showed this music called, The Sinking of the Titanic, by Gavin Bryars. We listened to it going back from Ichiza in his truck and its super pretty. And I was lying in the backseat visualizing all the people running around the deck frantically. With water coming up to their ankles and the band just playing with this sad smiles on their faces. Doing exactly the kind of thing that makes life completely worth living. That one action that exists only for a brief moment but encompasses all the beautiful points of life. I thought they were maybe still alive at the bottom of the ocean floor playing like ghosts and it just seemed so remarkable that this man was able to compose music like that.

I forgot how awesome music is because my deck has been broken in my car and its the only place I ever really listen to anything.

We rode all night into the dark. Listening to what was a gentle hum. And when the time came to get off the train. I looked at her and we both agreed that we'd rather not. So we hid in closets amongst all those large and heavy wool coats. The coats you see men traipsing about on a winter day in the white background of a city.

Then the whistle blew and kept hidden until a gentle man by the name of John came around with a cart of coco and sugar cookies. The rest of the time traveling was spent looking out at the frozen countryside, until finally, John left for up near the main cabin and towards the conductors place, and she fell asleep with her head next to mine while i drifted in and out letting the dreams play with reality.

strings make the night

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Brand of Perry Makeup

Perry put petroleum jelly all over his face for five dollars.

take me out