Wednesday, April 30, 2008

pass / time.

i am here but am not hearing

poetry on jeans

the week is already done

the movement of time

i have surfaced.
signaled by bird-noises

all-around distractions-

when its brightest

there is a chill but it is warming

as moving builds to epiphany

in front of everything

painting scribbles in the early day-

early day-

am surrounded.
sound of wind through room window

graffiti on walls

closest in the afternoon, all

to the thoughts of things, of

dodos singing sadly.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

townie talk

Townie Talk E.4

Show Notes For Episode 4 where our heroes are slowly learning the art of preparation

-We intro ourselves
-We go through our days
-Julian's mom will burn you
-Strippers / the art of manipulation and deceit
-People have 'gay' superpowers
-Difference between the end in art / books / paintings/ linear structure. Does a visual piece have an end?
-i could be a real person if i was alone...with you
-perry reads an excerpt from his past nano-writing month


Tears / Paper / Mixed Media

Monday, April 21, 2008

Townie Talk

Show Notes for Townie Talk E.3
(Supposed to be Death in the Afternoon but didn't start until evening)

-Perry talks about his love for corn
-Impulse buying
-Strange drawings
-Perry misses 'his' original Robertos guy
-Nothing to do on a Saturday night
-Julian cleans
-running 'the mile'
-Julian doesn't know how to gamble
-love life / relationships
-drugs & colombia
-aesthetic of design
-degrees & school
-what/why want
-about perry's family
-cultural hookups
-future podcasts
-we talk about religious art. this is an opinionated discussion, in no way are we bashing religion (perry might be, haha), i'm looking at it as an aesthetic idea, people can do and like what they want.


Medusa Sisters / Mixed Media / On Canvas

Saturday, April 19, 2008

con sum p t ion

the bowery laughter livid living along the bread line burning brightly in front of stripes & collars passing forth the drugs.

the beast snarling early in the morning; us in cages smelling foully of contrasting suns.

empathy filling every cup, bowl & plate unable to eat with any utensil but the mouth origin of love (organ)

the guise of cleaning cages to free the people frees the substance-things inside.

crying cold salty hot angry tears melt the sidewalks exposing the earth where seeds force themselves into the ground

everything small but shrinking
us hungry but eating
them alone but meeting
music playing and dancing
revelry diminishing

Friday, April 18, 2008

donald in mathmagic land

checked youtube, there it was. one of my favorite movies as a kid

Thursday, April 17, 2008

show notes down below with podcast links


mixed media on paper

this was what i did for my research paper in modern poetry. the day passing / the human body / cut apart / and never rendered whole / until all of it / rebuilt again / both forms essential in what we live in / what we are / only rendered whole through both artist / and viewer. now in the good hands of claudia keelan.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


perry and i have the first two episodes of Townie Talk ready.

these are the links to download. enjoy. i ll get around to posting show notes at some later period.

Show notes for podcast 1

we talk about:

the first episodes of real world briefly
the graffiti tag i made on my wall
perry is apparently dyslexic 
when we podcast our discussion becomes reality
i can't do math
planning stuff for jessica in lue of her celebration of getting into the JET program
we didn't go to our classes
the 'hyper-real'
we start talking about the Xiu Xiu show down at the Beauty Bar.
the illusion of art
how perry gets his money
what would people want in a podcast?
tully standup
if andy warhol made a hello kitty painting (i was wrong when i said he died by being shot, he died in his sleep like a decade later, though he was shot and did almost die)
what's a mud pie?
why we like inside jokes
cooking food / heating food
i wish i could make bread
what happens to time
the stupid things of our childhood
what happens with mirrors

Show notes for podcast 2

We talk about:

the different types of crazy
perry's week old limeade
fuck you to food / killing non living things
how we feel about bingo
free drinks at the casino
our thoughts on adding people to the podcast
Perry hates Smart People the movie
what perry does with his day
political story
society encroaching you with bad art
pro intelligence?
the office / lost / memorable tv moment

Sunday, April 13, 2008

perry and i are working on a site called. (we also own .info, .net) hopefully we will have something soon once the summer rolls in, in terms of a place you can go to laugh and experience thought and how we flesh out ideas and what we are doing in terms of a super post study of everything before and us reacting in a way that makes sense and is trying to give substance to a lot of things we do and see. we really like the idea of at least its written because a lot of stuff passes by that is really funny and oddly confusing but once fleshed out makes sense but usually never gets there because it retreats back into the lost-ness of the past and we move so fast that so much gets forgotten; and it is really meta in a sense that once its written its a study of that action itself so the ideas and jokes and we are talking about and addressing get addressed again in the sense of why we are even giving them the power of 'staying' (keeping them) rather then letting them just float on. 

right now we've been working on comics which perry usually draws and i color and we have some things to write about and some funny videos to make and we've been podcasting. i'll try to post what i can here in the meantime as this space is a space for anything i think is truly change and important and an encapsulation of innocence and light and beauty and then when the site is up people can go there and look at everything.

if anyone wants a podcast file i can either mail you a cd-r with some of what we have or you can drop on aim and i can send it via that. hansolo1L5 is my sn.

contact either through or leave a comment below. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

the thing i'd ask of the genie

wish to feed from only thought

and in that way

could live forever / in any place / however;

and need not 'thing'

just truth-where truth is everything

spawned of the soul

& the soul

truly giving

and us