Wednesday, May 08, 2024

wandering like a lost lost

 life like nature

beautiful women hear it all the time,

how beautiful they are,

words so overhwhelming,

that silence beats sound,

eyes communicate best;

yeah hey, curving in ways that utterly

seduce, breaking all moments

moments of agony,

there was the tale of the contest,

between sun and wind, "where

the outcome proves that our nature's

win". I am so utterly human it hurts,

so grateful and yet so hungry,

we all know apology and yet find it,

so difficult, we and all, we and all,

still looking for what it all means.


I think im a tree,

Growing tall and strong,

And old and burled,

I think i offer solace,

A respite from the wear,

I think i offer shade from truth,

I am still, I sway but do not falter,

I am to be very trusted as to what i am,

And people can gather, i am shelter.


this is glorious,

ragged raging unraveling unspoken,

a thread giving way to dissarray,

look closely,

sometimes the eye catches things unseen,

all the distances crossing till

lastness ends, and conjunctions

keep it together.


Wednesday, May 01, 2024

i am aquisce

hey hey we don't know

who we will be

who we are

life and summer blossoms

beautiful by the water

blooms and bees,

lunch forgotten by some crisis.

So many past lives ago just a guy carrying

A queen's treasure; heavy marble visages

Black lace meetings

Behind the supple wooden doors

Bloody rituals, babylon, fashion, pleasure;

The gates of lapis, an ocean spills vertical for the honored conquerors.

Where spoken from mouth to mouth

Offering elysium.

why not say?

 sometimes i see it like this;

the hungriest thing, the universe;

an infinite mouth, 

of infinite teeth,

my little life just a tiny mote,

even smaller still,

an unseen breath, when its not quite chill,

but alive i am, slowly still dissolving,

a folded thing unfolding,

another midnight snack from

the perspective of stars and time and space.