Tuesday, September 26, 2017

my repertoire

absolutely, absolute
absolutely, absolute
your honor,
your home,
act 1 scene now;
engage, engage.

your honor,
you are home
here and now
in safety relatively,

you're such a charmer,
your honor,
that we have all
made ourselves warm;
in fact.

my darling
prince charming
how fine, in your livery
you now look,
towards a better future,
we struggle,
my darling,
we struggle,

if it please you,
my lady
if it may treat you,
at once,
I will find
some kind of matter
to treat you
my lady, at once.

my honor,
how privy
to your thinking,
that gives me
my pleasure
and it does please me,
all at once,

absolutely absolute,
my darling,
my prince charming,
if ever
or never
there was meaning
in our teaching
we would be wiser,
yes, wiser,
and smarter,
from the truth.

absolutely, absolutely
most definitely,
yes truly
my darling
my honor
what an honor
to speak-

absolutely, absolutely
most definitely
my honor
my darling
yes truly
what an honor
to speak-

if only

yes only,

if you were my truth,

oh only


my truth,

is you.

simply baby
my honey
my kindred
my sunny
most lively
most lovely
most beautiful
and true
simply sunny
and happy
and together with you
now i've spoken
yes told you
everything, I should.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Human Diction & The Approach to Consciouness


What does it feel like to be human?
What does your stomach mean?
How does night and day function?
Who makes breakfast?
dinner? food?
How much do you think you cry?
Does somebody love you?
Hows the weather?
Count for a while
Tell me what you know about color(s)
Find somewhere on a map. And what could
be there?
Does variety matter?
Does civilization make sense?
Do people think about their death?
How much do you ascribe to spirituality?
Does the ocean feel like home?
What do you like about music?
Talk about your first memory /
relating to math.
Does the smell of something impact your experience?
Do you enjoy being hugged?
Have a glass of water.
Take a minute,
Acknowledge Existence-
not yours, ambulate,
articulate and stretch
your being.
ps - there's always more-so in case of everything
nothing is there.