Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my actions a sun
eclipsed-You know my beauty
For glancing on my diamond ring
A moment is all; denouement of
my ending-All I know is solace
All I want is brightness
troll the internet drive 8 miles in the day spend 20 dollars passing time drink or smoke or both turn on the television three times in 24 hours pick up a book read a page put the book down 2 hours later pick the book up make some phone calls deal with submission together feel entropy in its grandness for exactly 45 seconds get a head rush discuss politics talk about being free pick something up eat a meal from anywhere in 1 hour its all passed to the future of another meal think about crying maybe you'll cry let the world drift away for .5 of a minute hear a fan hear a car hear a voice watch the sun outside kick a rock have someone tell you what to do debate life inside debate buying something the slam of a footstep recall beauty vibrant green a lawnmower wish & want what everyone else wishes & wants escape foolish prediction sit with fear let a wave of joy press on your eyes wind blows all day the moon a moving disc of white purity far enough to be alone solace growing with the amount of tired forming in the muscles of the body a pale face appearing as a vision having a vision and dismissing it losing control over what is lost never knowing the same pain as yesterday new pain all the coming sex Thoughts at every moment and a steady heart beating.

september 19, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i trace a heart on my hand,
& give it roots & a stem hollow colored
by my decaying skin. laughter as i
write poetry down my arm, &
its faded smudged & gone

Saturday, September 27, 2008

turn it down.
outside its autumn 
the leaves fall on our heads as we are drinking-
i haven't seen the people in ages, lost in wander
-my gulf of empathy strike! 
a hollow spear
bleeding profusely
i can't stop it
they pick me up and place me in the bed naked
bats overhead. 
when the night is over and morning is here
Smile, Torture, leftover perfume and finished candles
Patio Ripened Revelry
Shadow posted walls- the smoke trails
black feet sandstone 
comic & my opera. i sing so quietly the air around me shakes
turn the dial
let us speed

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i think maybe your view is not selected on what you would want. you can goto


then you will see

print layout

and you can select any of these to see how the view changes, and you can pick one that is familiar.

does that help?

Friday, September 19, 2008

this is anger
a drum crash
i am angry
and nature is my maker
the empty pool in autumn
blows dead leaves in anguish
fallen soldiers in all versions
i am chaos
nature was my teacher
across the way
carrying ashes. to a house on the shore
in gray fogginess and cold, where the family
eats dinner and 
in a chair
i am silent
you are my prayer
the misgivings about
a broken clock
on christmas
a burnt out light bulb
4 years in a closet
alone forever
birds flying out
of an open window
the shattered hopes of all the people
a swan
a song. alaling the battered 
i love kissing you
you're the softest body ive ever touched
salty tears
early morning
my warm body
nighttime driving & infinite yawning
i am colorful
there are so many
ivy on a dirt path
where there's a 

in the desert
tarantula at dusk
half-empty wine bottle
solace solace
an orange burning sun
'my son'
pipe at sunset
a middle day riddle
from a 6 yr. old
my world apart at 2 30
that death
paradise in a high discussion about islands & freedom
the world now
a distress
I am even.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

everyone expects
immortality - on a plate
untouchable & Good.
Entropy laughs at your
be-lief. I
Laugh too & Fairies ride
Dragons burning Forever
Across a sky,
beauty knows better than
Time expects
Nightime Black Shadow Escape
Only my dreams
get what they want
All the rest
Telepathy is a skill / gift
Intuition. Craziness. Elegance
if I was alive
I'd be screaming
the worlds Full Explosion
ringing-Out, ColorAngerAnthems
Everything yelled As If Pinnacle
given this
Light Flicker
Coming Soon
Human Control.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

been busy working

& with


there will be a


Saturday, September 13, 2008

I was following a Norwegian artist and I knew she was beautiful but i couldn't say how she looked. I was in a small sort of swing chair attached to a rope going up a steep mountain; all below me was was the rush of snow and ice blowing fast in the air deeper the crevasse and canyons of the mountain range below. i was in terror and i had to close my eyes as we ascended at points i was tipped upside down and my feet were the only things holding me inside as the fear escalated my body shook violently and i held tightly to the handle in front of me but it still felt like it wasn't enough. eventually we arrived at the top but i was now a mess and i couldn't find a stable point in my mind to stop my body from shaking all over in tremors while she tried rubbing my back and saying soothing things to me. we walked on Top of the mountain off staring at a frozen landscape the sea lit by the caustic light splay of the setting sun; an ocean forever lit in a fantasy of pink yellow orange red fire. my body suddenly stopped altogether, we both disappeared it was time halted and experiencing the great instant of the universe as it is all at once.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i'm following a great yellow lion through a corridor and the doors open in a burst of reverie and he disappears leaving me alone and unsure about where i am. each day waking to a new dimension; that crack was there before? this food is different the CocaCola is bitter-er the sun is dim-er or I am older & wiser and full-er and awake. discovered a grove underneath H., lit up with circular white globes and the grass is soft and uneven & big trees line the border. at the western end are four circular flat squares full of pebbles and rocks perfect for fires at night looking at the stars and the mountains. to the northern and southern sides mansions spring up, all windows and Tall and they burn inside with empty souls wandering and I am paranoid of their trust of what they will do to this stranger penetrating their cultivated perfection; but this must be penetrated. the grove has a tunnel that leads into darkness. when we walk to the grove the wind is usually blowing and the lights along the way they are fractured fragments of orange and yellow beams shooting out. approaching each day can seem overwhelming; I sit down, anywhere, just for a minute trying to collect myself but all that happens is a great pressure feeling about all the substance of doing and All the things that I have started that will some day need finishing. Finish the run the race the goal Round continue exasperation / rejuvenation. i am overwhelmed and underwhelmed and All at once or just one at a time; everytime i go out walking i can cement either one idea at a time and deal with each one accordingly like a conveyor belt; or blank my mind and absorb the wilderness. it would be wonderful to be able to play with the surroundings like god, waving our hands about to make this come That go, make brighter / dimmer, add / remove I want a party there and voices to be shouting off there, companions coming and going. blankness disappearing and all around me deep in meaning. it all just keeps passing by air and wind and life and we are in it. i am walking along the desert looking out at the road watching the cars pass by, 'i don't think they can see us,' and for sure they are in their own minds wrapped up in the affairs of home-coming soon to be asleep in bed after nightly order clockwork. she must be feeling everything i feel and thinking about me and the same goes for him; & all of us must be feeling at some points the depths of Alone. this place that is in all of us and thats why the grove is beautiful; empty and when visitors come its just like our meetings we breathe new life into each other but is it enough. the grove lives there for how long? and its always a seesaw. i hate the up & down and living sometimes just this giant torture rack strung along the machine is loosened and my bones shiver relaxing in pain but now slowly painless. i think about the distant night sky how when you leave the city its a wash of white overhead with stars & Shots of light Burning across, paths and the All Motion a universe crying and loving at the same time.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

love poem

background noise

white kitchen lightn


striking po    se

fractured Chinese Liars

Universal Monkey Jesters

key player

Lantern Hangers

Middle night crisis

television television

nothing. up & up

we are here in this kitchen making funny faces

Belly laughter

he's smoking cigarettes

and We're Calling Each other Names

a r e you there?

or have you come h e r e?

i dance till' bustin' guts on the Persian rugs

and he's

spending 4 am

against your shoulder


i really like you while she is 

half smiling snoring 



Friday, September 05, 2008

the day chime

animal cry

its morning

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

teleport revised / mixed media / canvas

rapture / mixed media / canvas tryptech

war party revised / mixed media / canvas dyptech

Monday, September 01, 2008

as i walked by the tree cast in the soft glow of the yellow streetlight i saw a flutter and the tree shook ever so gently with a bird shrieking in a short burst of noise; i told myself that if i could simply use this moment as a place of retreat in times of need there would never be anything terrible and nothing could corrupt that place a memory alone in a world full of walking singularities a cradled secret used as bastion Fortress in times of distress.