Thursday, November 24, 2016

fritata, scrambled eggs, mash-hash-car crash

now it is truly over because it feels like it.
a fitting place to be at the end, watching things burn,
it must be good
or bad; there is something to the bits and pieces
about strewn cosmic justice scales.
now balance restored in right order, and
the disruptive menace gone.
truly turbulent times those that
turn to terrible things.
I, I, come to realize
I can barely hold my
eyes awake. Must be all
the thinking,
All that evil doing.


how could
could how

loam leer
leer loam

could how (&)
how could (look better)

disjunction function
dirgible brigle bum
boomer man turbulent
tun tun son long
(like a dirty mophead)

BeastMaster (corporate rights over sense)

doogledoogledapperdo. (activity is real)


J.C.L Julian
J.C.L Conrad
J.C.L LaBounty

jibble chibble
labble labble

could How
How could?

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

what lies ahead, but waits to rest / oil / canvas / 11.5 x 11.5 in.

To:Terra, From: Corp.

do i need a duplex printer?
maybe its time to restock soap?

As the clock ticks silently down
To the hour of passing time,
Maybe it is time to restock on
Better stuff: whatever comes
To mind that makes the
door bell ring.
If its not here Then
better believe buddy somebody else has
got it.

And all I can do is weep inside
slow dripps out of a water pipe
leaking a little, creeping away
timely in fashion so that my
soul is little by little
less and less.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

before the dawn or when the way ahead is yet dark

alone apart
alone apart
alone apart

together it matters, &
so will
alone apart;

to taste
feast of fowl
and other delights
we dine, we dine
together alike
to feast, to feast
on each, other's, delight(s);               

depart, apart
departed, apart,
away to say
together tonight
Now alone, apart
across the dark,
lonely isles,
with little lights.

alight! alight,
each other's lights,
Now alone, apart,but
not quite dark.

Now together
before we lie,
before we dream,
before we die;

apart, but not