Monday, February 21, 2022

the inner tear

 during a windstorm;

the cries from the suburbs

can be heard in the city.

A trove of abandoned

dreams, voices hurt

in achy lonesome.

cold like memory

abandoned by themselves.

sorrow heard as matter

carried by the motion

of celestial.

Thursday, February 10, 2022


 their lie houses

in the fall.


winter crawls

in quiet halls.

Alone and walking,

creeps creaking slow,

humming heater

dropping snow.

shadow lives,

shapely scary;

shifting, showy, slowly,

slipping forms.

Slumbering since evening...

Waiting out the season. For,

Spring light unraveling.

Stop sleeping, birds singing.

 blossoms cover

all the awnings.


warm fashion,

in woken rooms!

Preparing for



Post party collapsing,

so much swimming.

Glim light yonder future.

Forward is the passage

Surely in the rapture

Surely in the ray

of light that starts each

day anew.