Sunday, August 19, 2007

When I was traveling I would carry a notebook around with me since I didn't want to take my laptop anywhere. And I'd spend a lot of my time filling it up with all sorts of things.

In the twilight of a normal day,
I let my feet make all the decisions.
On stony roads the narrow streets,
Are metaphors of a mind,
my lost mind.

It draws castles, rivers, parrots, knights.
Colors vibrant
Daring Lights.
Forceful armies, lovers locked,
remembrance, plot.

Everything is all inside,
And my feet sound weary,
quick in stride.

When light is gone and
i'm in the dark.
I wait for that sulfurous yellow,
For all that revelry, their shouts,
I stop for a while
have a drink.
Wish for a woman,
a friend, and think.

That iv'e never said a word,
and it all came and went.
Another day, and all those streets.
Another sleep, and all those defeats.

-Lisbon, June, 07

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

standing at the edge of a forest
and all the sky is steel
tears run down my wind burned face
and all the ocean is a deep stormy blue
sad that we are now isolated even more
a LaBounty in a wooden casket far away

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here in San Diego. The trip yesterday was long. I woke up and mom told me grandma had died. I looked at her in disbelief, half awake in dreams staring as the sun poured through the cracks of my window. I just decided it was too much to think about and went back to sleep. Throwing myself back down on the bed and covering every inch of me in my large blanket. I turned the air all the way up, making it cold. Cold for my feet when they touched the tile in the bathroom. While the steam poured out like a wave of fog in the city. All over until there was nothing, not even the form of my body to look at. Just the air heated up. Waking up to a fury of packing; throwing things into a bag and i talked to perry briefly. I went off on my own and we left when Edris arrived. We drove, watching Bebop while I was in the back seat staring off until we picked up Jessica and things were rightly on their way. Other than that I bought some green tea and drank rum in the hot sun on the way to San Diego. We watched The Matador and Chasing Amy. It was dark by the time we got here and I was all sunken. Greta's place is a fancy apartment high up overlooking downtown. The floor is more comfortable than the one in Oslo. I slept in a sleeping bag like the ones I slept in when I was eight. Now its morning and Edris is half using his shaver and doing push-ups while the shower is in the noise of the background. Coffee is being fetched and the Zoo is off in the horizon.

I left and there was everything I left.