Sunday, August 19, 2007

When I was traveling I would carry a notebook around with me since I didn't want to take my laptop anywhere. And I'd spend a lot of my time filling it up with all sorts of things.

In the twilight of a normal day,
I let my feet make all the decisions.
On stony roads the narrow streets,
Are metaphors of a mind,
my lost mind.

It draws castles, rivers, parrots, knights.
Colors vibrant
Daring Lights.
Forceful armies, lovers locked,
remembrance, plot.

Everything is all inside,
And my feet sound weary,
quick in stride.

When light is gone and
i'm in the dark.
I wait for that sulfurous yellow,
For all that revelry, their shouts,
I stop for a while
have a drink.
Wish for a woman,
a friend, and think.

That iv'e never said a word,
and it all came and went.
Another day, and all those streets.
Another sleep, and all those defeats.

-Lisbon, June, 07

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Miss Galgana said...

I like this, Julian