Wednesday, September 26, 2018

idyllic grazing

fevers pick the winners
courageous, fearless souls
that recognize the potential
of their linear lives.

they look at my lovely
green garden, and
my bevy of eden like
qualities within, and with hold
the truth still,
peace favors truth
above all things, making
care to recognize those
that carry this
heavy thing.

when we 
when we,

Monday, September 24, 2018

dead fly on the swatter
don't brush it off
bait for another fly;
dead flies on the swatter.


beatem ups
dootle raps
ghoulish gribs
greasy fibs
skinny butts
little nuts
tippy taps
little raps
communal kilns
diligent wins.

Monday, September 17, 2018

raquet risky

there's nothing easy about finding calm
what about lobotomy vs real health?
vs gibber jabber
and english poems.
what wins best dinner convo?
what wins PHD's?

pick my nose
pull my finger
takes a calm hand
to pick so deep.
peshes deeples dosh...

dancing Whirly Derby
singing birdys
leafing beetle, rhino rhino
PICK My nose

thanksgiving dishes
in order of greatness
cant beat gravy
emperor of the table

and the rest in the barrel

people thought
people think
words will tell you / it ok
other wise
wisdom tells you
people hunger.

make me wireless
fill my cup
better signal.