Thursday, April 30, 2009

the only thing given is life
the only thing to give is life
the only thing you're given is life

Sunday, April 26, 2009

i was born / oil & acrylic / wood board / 2ft x 4ft 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sometimes art is a lot of tiny little decisions. rules are usually in place to provide a certain outcome to a situation, but if you can understand the situation and what is going on breaking rules isnt much of a problem. in the background the fan is turned to high, its most maximum setting. at least i've heard a new summer band with a perfect summer name. crocodiles. the time is slowly going on all around and words and thoughts are just spilling around, with there being this collection in the universe which is all extra.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


old man in cusco

fire / heater system in eatery

writing on the mountains in cusco


square in cusco

incan woman with llama

hills of cusco

monastery hotel courtyard

front lobby at the monastery

courtyard of the monastery

bar at the monastery

lion heads

cloud and flower in jar 

eatery at sanctuary

top of machu pichu

me at the top of machu pichu

hut at the top of machu pichu

steps to the top of machu pichu


hiking up machu pichu

all covered in clouds

steps up to the top of machu pichu

path up machu pichu

beginning of cloud capture

terrace system


sun temple


aunt and cousin




me in machu pichu

machu pichu city

machu pichu city

machu pichu ruins

me in machu pichu

machu pichu

room at sanctuary lodge in machu pichu

going up to machu pichu

bus from aguas calientes

aguas calientes

people hiking the inca trail

dinner on the hiram bingham (aunt and cousin)

beginning of meal on train

passing country on train
bar on hiram bingham

train moving

observation car

guitar player on hiram bingham

back of the train



incan band plays as we depart on train

boarding the train

champagne before boarding train

fireplace at casa andina

some paintings



fire sitting area at casa andina
courtyard at casa andina

jesus on the cross

bar at the marriott

lit up cross for the fishermen in lima

sunset in lima

ricardo's meal

my meal 

susana and anas' meal (ceviche)

eatery in lima

personal car and driver 

ricardo and susana

little park overlooking ocean in lima

gold museum armor weapon collection


samurai armor


weapon collection

gold museum in lima

pigeons at the catacombs

peruvian standing

slums in the hills

ice cream carts



selling peruvian equivalent of starburst


incense burning

jesus on the cross

easter week celebrations

roof of cathedral

easter week celebrations in lima

plaza in lima

cathedral in lima

streets in lima, french apartments in the distance

house in lima

house for sale in lima

house in lima

in the gift shop at the marriott

room at the marriott, ricardo

view of lima from marriott