Sunday, October 23, 2016

Flip the Preacher

Now what could science say?
Bad science, the kind that uses
dearly departed testing stock
engendering moral scar.

but even better scientific ways
palpitate ideas
sciences' exclusive, nether regions.
mad science
bad science
fringe science
savior science, &
necessary science, with
now techno science,

When that first fighting bone,
when the first figured flame, in
the time when fields became bounty
when what is known has and is being figured
makes us grow beyond
what we are (and wish, wish, wish to be);

we pray to method, practice, and test
discipline the best with courage &
results as (figures to follow)
It's heard stated, "science make God, please" &

mad science mad science
mad science bad science
good science neu science
neu science good science
saving science without science
science science, science science.