Saturday, September 10, 2022


 i am sure i would

Know better

If my pruning shears were

Sharper, slicey slew slaw

Sawing all toothy.

Edgey cut bloody

Pouring from gashes.

Im all for efficiency,

Clawing at redundancy.

Shouting wont save it

Not when there's yelling,

Rotting from poison

Rusting without reason.

Laugh it up fuzzball

Cure those crusty phantoms.

If i was quicker with justice,

Then balance be brokered.

Sunday, September 04, 2022

medieval times

patrol the grounds

check the trees,

shut the gates

and set the watch;

remove refuse

broker the close

of the kitchen and hearth.

Abandon all the worry

of the past living day.

Hanging are the orchids,

geckos run the ramparts,

ants tarry with nightly cleaning,

broken are the whispers,

Ghosts command the creaking,

fathers break the pantry,

couriers slumber all the deeply,

guests snore sleepy in their chambers,

doggies whimper dreamy,

& princes and princesses sleep


Bricks cast shadows from the lamp light;

stars shine broken in starry starlight,

on windows darkened,

On full summers,

final winters,

shiny spring,

resting fall.

Comfort castle

cozy fort

sanctuary becoming

sanctum heart!


Friday, August 05, 2022

Date Night, Sex & Sleep (in no particular order)

 Most Excellent Skull
Admit 2
At Last Chance
Villa Solidad
Fume Rancor
Dreary Sunday
Big-time Callback
Rotate Above
Tres Camas
Dozen Eggs Double Bacon
Bones Pantry
Sol Exposure
Desert Fire
Proper Attire
Duty, Neglect, Touch
All the Little Whispers
Forgiving Look
Soft Nibbles
Collarbone Kisses,
Lips Aqquired
Faintly Surrounding Darkness
Only Shadows
And Eyeballs,
Before Dreams

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Boundless, unlimited, the one without death


Akupara akupara






Thursday, April 28, 2022


 -"nobody knows what waits for the dead"

living life lucky till the end,

lots of time spent fooling around in bed,

slowly, wishing i was yellow,

cooling timid, beams of the sun,

moping like a crow, on the edge,

nothing like feeling better again,

im a soldier looking to get ahead,

giving it all away,

sparing nothing today,

the will in the chest bringing it all to bare,

never getting lots /

sometimes just enough

i swear its all in my head.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

 look at all us doing

like little big bads

on the coastly waters

crawling out

from single celled living.

must be confused with deities,

who build palaces

in stately pleasure domes





Sunday, April 24, 2022

mighty mortal

 the sounds of the enemy

hammer my soul,

my heart makes

beating thunder

on the morrow.

when the sun rises

every blessed virtue

becomes torn asunder,

when the red light wavers

i see terrible, deadly summers...

the first and last of every

supper; glimmer ghostly

scheduled parties.

love something fierce strongly

in the final show

act iii, after

the crescendo.

Thursday, April 21, 2022


The view of the powerful.

In charge.

A watching vulture.

There must be blood pouring.

And all else is fragile.

Poor souls breathing

Final breaths


you can't go to the pyramids,
without a quick stop
through Istanbul, once upon
flying forward over an ocean, a desert, & a Sea
some mountains forest and crag, sonic vocal.

clanking drinks.
sunlight glaringly.

i am bound onward greatest journey ever happening.
i am expecting riches beyond my wildest dreams;
both material and other, fulfilling, true and

I need a partner,

She waits expectantly.
a delicate wrist

rests a delicate
watch, with a woman
watching. wrought
inscriptions a mind wresting
some significant time
ticks tragic tocking
take pressure
this precedence
of chance meeting. quickly glancing -
charming / dashing
sexy beyond all example.
legs forever climbing
lashes with a face forever imprinting a memory
fine and featured.
Princess Adventure.

our journey
our location
civilization's cradle majesty the silty extravagance river Nile, some personal conquesting;
knowing, that
in coming
there is nothing
but darkness
for you and me. but also every little atom.

the tombs are quite lovely
the hieroglyphics in passing
some kinds of hissing & snakes,
scarabs, and dankness
and kissing in some forgotten
you are Pharaoh
you are Cleopatra
you can't explore this body,
without being greedy.

morning coffee
and munching, munching, pleasing munch.
sparkling vino
attractive talking
glancing and fun.

could this be never ending?


Saturday, March 12, 2022


 beyond our loneliness lies
the dream of heaven,
a shimmering imagination super imposed
on the oasis shoreline of pure water, wavy.
incredible! successful bliss, in waver waver
total carefree bleeding
lost in good intention
from living being
save please save me save please explain
the song is ending, but
i knew it was coming, and
it felt like it could be forever.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

to make the world a better place

the value of a dare only exists

if the dared also gets to play.

and if the game proceeds Accordingly,

then may fortune favor

the braver.




Wednesday, March 02, 2022

the hanging lamp

In an abbey far from here,

up in the mountains touching

clouds, monks pray in silence;

making bread,

making beer.

A garden circles the stones:

and glass, orchards, towers, windy paths, halls and rooms...

extra large oil paintings, tapestries, stories told in candlelight,

farm to table dining, and some wildlife, a pond, the smell of morning, nap-time, and dusk.

A quiet calm pervades

the grounds.

Yet in one corner not far

from there,

a forge fire glowing

hammering, hissing,

and hot. 

A lamp is wrought;

commissioned by the King. 

A copper base, inlaid with gold

organic life. Somehow scarabs from

the middle East w/ emerald shells

shimmering in the light.

The lamp hath some miracle wick.

The forge hath imbued some

witched trick.

Shaped like the tear,

And a platinum chain.

The lamp has seen many master


It has come and gone as Ages pass.

It has hung from hearth, in home, on branch,

battle, meal, and lights the dark.

Tomorrow means little to the lamp.

It glows and dims,

like ever the passage of time.

Monday, February 21, 2022

the inner tear

 during a windstorm;

the cries from the suburbs

can be heard in the city.

A trove of abandoned

dreams, voices hurt

in achy lonesome.

cold like memory

abandoned by themselves.

sorrow heard as matter

carried by the motion

of celestial.

Thursday, February 10, 2022


 their lie houses

in the fall.


winter crawls

in quiet halls.

Alone and walking,

creeps creaking slow,

humming heater

dropping snow.

shadow lives,

shapely scary;

shifting, showy, slowly,

slipping forms.

Slumbering since evening...

Waiting out the season. For,

Spring light unraveling.

Stop sleeping, birds singing.

 blossoms cover

all the awnings.


warm fashion,

in woken rooms!

Preparing for



Post party collapsing,

so much swimming.

Glim light yonder future.

Forward is the passage

Surely in the rapture

Surely in the ray

of light that starts each

day anew.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

forget and keep on

 i want to move my hands 

 with something i already know how to do

i'm a sucker 

for watching anything

i want to give it my all 

all of the time. 

if everything wasn't so fucked, 

maybe we'd be good, 

if we are the best 

maybe this would be 


i need to go 

you need to leave 

we'll meet on the sun 

a thousand times ago.