Thursday, April 21, 2022


you can't go to the pyramids,
without a quick stop
through Istanbul, once upon
flying forward over an ocean, a desert, & a Sea
some mountains forest and crag, sonic vocal.

clanking drinks.
sunlight glaringly.

i am bound onward greatest journey ever happening.
i am expecting riches beyond my wildest dreams;
both material and other, fulfilling, true and

I need a partner,

She waits expectantly.
a delicate wrist

rests a delicate
watch, with a woman
watching. wrought
inscriptions a mind wresting
some significant time
ticks tragic tocking
take pressure
this precedence
of chance meeting. quickly glancing -
charming / dashing
sexy beyond all example.
legs forever climbing
lashes with a face forever imprinting a memory
fine and featured.
Princess Adventure.

our journey
our location
civilization's cradle majesty the silty extravagance river Nile, some personal conquesting;
knowing, that
in coming
there is nothing
but darkness
for you and me. but also every little atom.

the tombs are quite lovely
the hieroglyphics in passing
some kinds of hissing & snakes,
scarabs, and dankness
and kissing in some forgotten
you are Pharaoh
you are Cleopatra
you can't explore this body,
without being greedy.

morning coffee
and munching, munching, pleasing munch.
sparkling vino
attractive talking
glancing and fun.

could this be never ending?


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