Friday, September 15, 2017

Human Diction & The Approach to Consciouness


What does it feel like to be human?
What does your stomach mean?
How does night and day function?
Who makes breakfast?
dinner? food?
How much do you think you cry?
Does somebody love you?
Hows the weather?
Count for a while
Tell me what you know about color(s)
Find somewhere on a map. And what could
be there?
Does variety matter?
Does civilization make sense?
Do people think about their death?
How much do you ascribe to spirituality?
Does the ocean feel like home?
What do you like about music?
Talk about your first memory /
relating to math.
Does the smell of something impact your experience?
Do you enjoy being hugged?
Have a glass of water.
Take a minute,
Acknowledge Existence-
not yours, ambulate,
articulate and stretch
your being.
ps - there's always more-so in case of everything
nothing is there.

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