Monday, April 21, 2008

Townie Talk

Show Notes for Townie Talk E.3
(Supposed to be Death in the Afternoon but didn't start until evening)

-Perry talks about his love for corn
-Impulse buying
-Strange drawings
-Perry misses 'his' original Robertos guy
-Nothing to do on a Saturday night
-Julian cleans
-running 'the mile'
-Julian doesn't know how to gamble
-love life / relationships
-drugs & colombia
-aesthetic of design
-degrees & school
-what/why want
-about perry's family
-cultural hookups
-future podcasts
-we talk about religious art. this is an opinionated discussion, in no way are we bashing religion (perry might be, haha), i'm looking at it as an aesthetic idea, people can do and like what they want.


Jake said...

FUCK the mile. i was lucky to get under 12.

Angeline said...

I hated the fitness tests more.... like the stretch one.... if you've got short arms, you're not gonna reach that far.

Julian LaBounty said...

reminds me of never being able to do a pull up

Unknown said...

I'm living on borrowed time? What the hell?

Anonymous said...

at first, i thought you guys said porn instead of corn. fyi, i don't think i'd sit through a conversation of you two talking about porn.