Friday, March 23, 2007

I wouldn't appreciate if I hypothetically downloaded a music album and it had another band's album snuggled inside of it. So I then have hypothetically downloaded two albums. And honestly, its not that I wouldn't want to listen to your band's music. And then maybe say to my friends, 'Hey man! Have you heard about these guys...MY DIET PILL! Oh man, I would have never found out about 'em unless they had been secretly and falsly placed within another file. Fuck these guys are so amazing. Go download this other album and that's how you will get it.'

Don't fucking sneak shit onto my hard drive.

And that goes to you to Apple. I ditched Iphoto after I realized it was making 3 sets of copies of photos on my computer. Yeah, what the hell is that?! And then I checked off the feature that said for it not to create duplicates. It still has a hidden folder that does. Some sort of backup feature.

what time was it?
who cares.

xoxo from Forever.

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