Sunday, March 11, 2007

precious time. it won't last forever

I walked out of Alex's and it was typical Norwegian fog dark and scary out as I walked running back to my own building and room. My week long trip to London and Edinburgh was really beautiful. And I am always amazed at how I come out of traveling with a more cemented view of the world. Where I stand. But sometimes it makes me feel really desolate and crazy. Like a grain of sand. And i want to blow away in the wind. But there is the picture above of me standing on Parliament Hill overlooking all of the city of London. Reim was an amazing host and photographer.

I will write more on Edinburgh and my travels. Posting small excerpts from my handwritten journal when I'm not in the state I am in now. But i wanted to express my love and adoration for the people in my life. And slowly realizing the great importance that everyone, as they stand on places in my life, hold to me. And how people are all that is with us, and how they are the world, the places, and everything. And they are the important things with everything else below. And expressing that, it just makes me smile and think about blue skies, rocking chairs, and cups of dark coffee.

I am glad people read this, and explore this Sunrise Room and see what it has to offer. I am excited about a bed and solitude for a bit before I depart to Tromso and my northern lights expedition with Alex. The night is covered in the breath of the woman of the night. And the breath spreads evenly on the ground while I lie hungry in bed. But my eyes close and the music drapes as the sound falls on my eyelids and I am fed and sleep.

* I am glad that there are people who feed me. Because I don't do such a good job of that myself.

sometimes its all a bad dream.
and sometimes its all beyond that.

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