Friday, March 30, 2007

cue ultra depressed sad julian playing The Blue Notebooks as loud as he can so his roommate and lady friend have to deal with that.

i'm going crazy. literally. im going crazy. i write lists now examining the people around me. those lists include all sorts of categories. hey, maybe your on the list that says, the people that julian has shook hands with. i'm going to have brown paper bags full of meaningless written lists and ideas. my tiny ode to carlye. which, is not a fun read. and considering the idea of fun, julian hasn't had any real fun in a long time. stuck in a revolving abyss of either, academia, intellectualism, or self-doubt and inner thought.

there's no release man, my hippy friend would say.

no, no there isn't. you are spot on my hippy friend. now lets have at it with the hacky sak shall we.


Anonymous said...

atleast you aren't listening to 99 red balloons on repeat.

Julian LaBounty said...

hahaha. oh god that brings back good memories.