Sunday, November 09, 2008


a weapon A mask

apply lipstick apply defiant

A secret behind the makeup,

that no one knows but her-

not even her lover will know,

hiding from the otherside,

from the conflict machine,

from the fake open doors of embrace.

women have been hurt more than men,

they thrive on life and life hurts them,

from the suicide

from the machine

from the pulse

from the fake kiss of a lie-

living a constant life of hiding-

women form the underground,

scattered communication across the globe

the conflict of desire for the enemy,

forever tremulous because of fear,

at a young age each one learns or is taught

the value of secrets

A woman with more secrets than any other living thing

applying makeup in the bathroom

the only one that knows is her reflection,

the biggest gap from the face to the glass-

a curled fist, a breakdown which consists

of tremors fear and failure,

of not doing her job

which is bringing life into the Chaos-

weight of meaning,

no wonder they learned

to hide,

no wonder it means more than you know,

when they sleep over and wake

without makeup

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