Saturday, November 08, 2008

the smell of cinder ash in the morning, from my mother

burning documents in the yard and the dog stands there

listening to an unknown piano.

the day sharp and cold, bright, the day energized by daggers,
by falling leaves, blowing dirt, the last hope of fruit before
it freezes, blankets, fur, warmth-

take everything-i don't want it,

with regards:

undercover cops
knifes & pipes
the ocean
getting wet in the middle of the night,

to become a shivering mess. 

with pains:

catching the afternoon diamond show,
on the loft wall
in the downstairs kitchen
An orchid moves nearer the sun
in the upstairs bathroom,
residue of desire, dreams, hate, self loathing, Admiration, caricature & love
scribbled on the doorframe


shining riches adorn the walls,
ready for a thief
in the rose chest
smells like stains of comfort & safety
rocking chair
anniversary gifts of tears and kisses,
I remember hearing laughter in the common room
when i was faking sleep
when i was nine.

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