Friday, November 14, 2008

for it is a dark frail thing in the abyss, but i will take it as it comes and cherish each breath it gives. for love cannot last forever it is human made and human things all come to an end. i will leave love for more as love does to everything. until it stands otherwise the only thing is to move and be moved, and to not hold anything in the painful grips of an immortality. take care of time presented, love will come and go. desperation will breed a lack of love because it cannot be forced; but the conflict remains, what is love if i do not hope for it dearly in my heart in every instant. love is the culmination of our frailty, the disappearance of hope to reality. i do not want love but it will come to me and i don't find that troubling. i only find it as the way, as the wind, as pain, as joy, as nature. 

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