Saturday, November 01, 2008

the phone won't ring tonight,
forget about saviors-
forget about it ringing,
its 6 AM. just relent
& pitch a tent inside
your head. 

walk home if you have to,
the weather is another Intoxication.
better than the mind sludge-
of dust motes,
and falling leaves,
fryer smells,
spilling whiskey on the kitchen table,
looking at the clock A hundred times,
throwing a glass out the window-
to hear it Crack!-,
pushing people away,
desiring the girl playing pool,
thinking about Everything better,
thinking about past friends,
wishing-which is painful-,
listening to a myriad drone.
pass out.
pass out.
pass out,
afraid & worried-
about the hold on tomorrow,
and then more afraid-
of the future After tomorrow.
i'm spitting too much in the sink-
its got some blood,
time to wipe away the cold tears from my eyes,
every beautiful woman i've ever met,
they sit on top of me smiling &
Naked. every hour is a wake up,
from this dream.
there should just be a woman in my bed
but the phone
won't ring tonight-
so forget about it, turn it off and you'll win
the phone won't ring
pass out, naked & sweat-
give it up
close your eyes,
let the glow of the phone
dim out, like sleepy eyes-
hear a bird-forget about the nightmares

there is no control
pass the hope & the bottle
im finished.

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