Saturday, November 15, 2008

for victoria

down below,

water & fire

to the sky,

we scream! , we say

what we must to keep our lives

as the passing of living

makes everything more & fragile & important.

and the burning fog,

A call to arms; Master of

the wild soul,

keeper of the guard-

& apparent apathy;

let it fall

from your fingertips

& insight will spread

like fear

& you will run

& you will tap the timepiece

to shake it alive,

& you will pass the shrines

of our nature,

& bow

to nobody.

A star in the sky

the apocalyptic desire

burns & shivers 

to an eye looking straight at us,

it blinks several times and fetches

new meaning, new curiosity
for a better look;

the message made me reel towards

the parts of me

that were deep below

An icy sheet,

you've warmed the crust

A dream keeps us together-

A drink keeps us closer

A time makes us who we

are, shards of glass

pierce my arm

& stay there to become companions of reminder-

& crows pick dust at dusk.

Wandering a green forest

where waves break the coast

sprays of cold pricking regeneration

tossing the end of days to the

muted sunset of the North Sea-

perilous orange fire, gray

dawn an infinity away, a touch to my temple

sitting at the wooden bench

reminds me of our adventure.

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