Saturday, February 17, 2007

you shouldn't throw your fists, they'll get caught in someone's face

Opened my window today and could smell cigarettes. The fog is rolling in and the building across from me is covered. Or was. Now that haze of daylight is gone and its just dark with the lamps all lit up. So the fog is less defined. Haven't eaten yet. I have a pizza in the oven. My roommates are doing Chinese New Year celebrations tonight so that should be really cool. They have this giant hot pot ready and all kinds of different food they are going to cook. Reminds me of my mom's potlucks and parties back home where there is just all this amazing food.

Yesterday I spent my time sitting in various hovels. Not really. Shoe stores. Watching Alex attempt to find a pair of boots to replace her broken down Uggs. She found a pair. They are badass. End of that.

We drank for a while in my room watching Jackass 2. Then in a hurry she saw the time and we caught the last train going towards downtown. I was in a t-shirt with my coat. And the cold after the end of the night sucked. I remember collapsing in my bed and just grabbing the blanket. Because its been raining for two days now. Just a fine drizzle, the accompanied mist, with the snow melting and all the sounds are just water sloshing around feet or running through gutters into the Oslo sewers back out in the fjord.

We ran into some kids from Barcelona. They took us to a neat club. Except I felt like I was in a scene in Bladerunner. And Alex felt like she was in a shitty 70's movie.

The place was mostly red. With deep lights and a dance floor that was separated by a small wall and pillars shooting up to what must have been shitty apartments inhabited by immigrants trying to sleep. There was a slow moving disco ball and the place was packed. The bar was cut up into sections and the bathroom reminded me of bathrooms in Colombia. Where there are windows to the outside and up high you can peek out to the floor of the city above you. It was all semi-underground. Then there were high stools and people standing around, sitting. All drinking. I danced horribly with Alex for a while.

Then I decided I had had enough of all the atmosphere and everything and sat outside on a windowsill of the club listening to the droves of people milling around smoking and chatting. Some drunk girl came up to me. "I know you. We've met." No I told her and she looked at me blankly. Then sort of seemed pissed and smoked a cigarette trying real hard to avoid me. In my t-shirt sitting in the drizzling rain while loud dance music pumped out from the turntables, through speakers, out doors.

After I a while I got too cold and headed back inside. Foregoing smoking. As cool as it is. I watched the crowd increase in size and passed some words back and forth with some people. Then Alex and I headed out after retrieving our coats.

We started walking out and ran into a bunch of street kids. A Norwegian street gang. And they were running around really quickly, tagging anything that was readily available and markable with white markers. Their gang name or sign. They yelled something out to Alex in Norwegian. They had some conversation which turned to English. And we watched them tag some stuff up before heading away. Went down to Elm Street where there was a happening crowd. But by this time I was done. Didn't drink after having too many beers already. Eventually we left, headed to the night bus. Dug around in the recesses of my mind while passing by the city and its lights. I was tired and sick of the world by the time we got off the bus and walked a little bit towards our housing area. Then, stumbled into my room and read some news online and fell asleep to Max Ritcher's Blue Notebooks album.

And there is a trumpet player who stands on top of some newspaper coin kiosks. He stands up there and bellows out music from his trumpet for all of downtown to here. Its really amazing. Hopefully I can catch a video of him next time I'm down there.

featuring teenage suicide riot and blanket verses

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