Monday, February 05, 2007

Lightbulbs Flaring Up. An Image of the Room

Sitting in the computer lab. Dull glows outside. People walking in groups towards the train. I’m listening to Board of Canada and enjoying the night after class. I like tapping along to the music, the sounds of people typing, and my own hands moving. All weaving together to form a nice, clear,,,patient rhythm. Its.n.i.c.e.

I went to pitchfork and saw a couple of cd’s I want to listen to. Lately I’ve just been recycling what I’ve had with me since I left and whenever Tom is online and he sends me something that fits the mood. Ghost: In Stormy Nights, Bloc Party: A Weekend in the City, and The new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

What is everyone writing / typing here in the computer lab. And now that its night, what am I to do with myself for the rest of the evening. I finally finished the new revision of my Stealing Shadows short story. I think the first two were around 6,000 words? Its about 4,500 now. I like it shorter. I beginning to enjoy the short word, short sentence. Taking out what isn’t needed. Its starting to click on the importance. That streamlined feel. Or just removing things in general, and leaving a core. I’m sort of worried the story may seem rather, well, short. I have a tendency to not develop enough in such a short span. But I don’t know if I have been doing this long enough yet to realize whether that’s the case. And how it would be different.

My scarf smells different because it was borrowed. Its not a problem. Just a detail that changes things. Throws me off a little. I want a hot dog. But I think everything is closed. All I have had today is a bowl of cornflakes. And I drank all my milk. It only lasted three bowls of cereal. How depressing. And over milk. Don’t go crying…something along those lines.

What are faces? Whose faces am I looking at anymore? And what about all those people I left. Will my impressions change? I want to see them again, and it’s all going to be new. So used to seeing them on a basis, you know, structure. And now, torn away, yanked away, what have…Now those faces are going to be new again, or at least strange for a time. I miss understanding the world around me, in form of language. Now it’s nothing but letters, and accent marks. Where did it all go? Ha! I didn’t lose it. It just doesn’t exist here.

I have this tendency to just sit around and either read or write while I’m here on campus. Because I don’t think I particularly like my room, or the ghetto that my room resides on—Kringsja.

I just looked over. Some people are just chatting with friends. The idea that they don’t have computers, or don’t have internet, didn’t register. So that’s what it is. Maybe none of them are working on papers or doing school work. Because shit, one of my classes hasn’t even started yet and its been like a month. Its sort of like Japanese class, except there is no reading. Well there is reading in my British class, and of course when my Victorian class starts. But nothing in Norwegian Life and Society.

Alex is in Norwegian language right now. Along with everyone else I know. The international kids. Blake is moving to Sogn, to join the party kids at Sogn. It’s probably a good move. Especially in trying to deal with the absence of everything where we live.

I saw Pan’s Labyrinth last night with Alex. That shit was sad. I remember Tom saying something about how sad it was. Poor girl, poor mother. I remember visiting Franco’s tomb. It was this huge underground chamber.

There were giant angels with swords on both sides. Sort of Never Ending story style. But I think my mind may just be putting those in. I can’t be positive they were actually there. And walking inside lining both sides were more statues. And a coffin and a grave. All sorts of gray and marble and granite. It was a really eerie monument to such a bad person. I just don’t think I ever understood why he had a memorial like that. But I remember hearing that most statues are just son of a bitches in one way or another. Which is smiling.

I saw the moon last night. I couldn’t remember that last time I looked at the moon while I have been here. It was covered in clouds eventually. It was covered in gray spots and white around the edges. I remember watching the solar eclipse, the diamond ring, at Carlo’s house.

Now what. Well, there is always the night. And a throw away is a city. Full of light. But I think its too cold. Tomorrow is The Blood Brother’s show. I’m hyped, I want to see what a show is like here. I have ideas of it being something different, not a crowd of indie kids standing around, moving their cheek muscles. Its different, it’s all different.

The music, it makes me think,,,this. Is. The. Most. Sublime beat, feel the beat.

it was only two grapes!

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