Thursday, February 22, 2007

a visit

I've bought my ticket to London. I'll be leaving March 4th and coming back to Oslo on March 11th. I have been wanting to visit Reim and get out of here for a while. So its going to be nice. And I also want to fly to Scotland while I'm there since I have a week of free time. Its snowing out right now, and the weather is negative something. So its going to be a very nice change, familiar faces.

I ran into the Oren and some other kids from Spain on the train going home from school. And it was strange, talking to one of them, I don't remember his name, he told me how into Virginia Woolf he was; how much he loved the feminist movement. And I had never expected it, or him to come out with something like that. So we talked a little about it. As much as I could in my broken ass Spanish. And I met some lovely French girls and did the whole European kiss the cheek thing. Which always seems odd to me. I need to find someone French who is willing to embark to France with me in June. I plan on getting my ticket soon. Marseilles, Paris, Normandy. And I am very afraid that my lack of French is going to be a serious disability.

And I must try and figure out more with my trip. Great Expectations is going by quickly. I am really enjoying Dickens. I think the way he forges sentences together is beautiful. And strangely, I feel that Tom writes similar to Dickens. Minus the English vernacular, the way sentences are constructed, flow, and how everything falls in place. With the curious added elements that add surprise and style, and create a sort of character that is unique in its own. But thats how I feel and I'm not a master at studying style. I like it though. Akin to why I enjoy reading Tom's posts; Dickens is a wonderful foray in Victorian culture and society and he is exciting and the characters breathe. Deep in marshes and cities and they get boxed in and cry by breweries and find themselves in the strangest but least harmful of situations. Wrapped up in a plight that this age is dying and the factories are slowly polluting the beautiful.

I think I lost myself somewhere in there. My back hurts sitting in this terrible chair.

That bird is always there.

live from the concertgebouw


Anonymous said...

im jealous you're going to london. take pictures for me. london is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

yay, you're going to visit reim!


Anonymous said...

haha. yay for me!

and i hope you find your french person, julian.