Wednesday, February 21, 2007

autumn died pressing the last bits of cider

I've looked at my final exam schedule. And I realize that I'm done with school on the 29th of May. That's my final exam, so I've written down a list of places I want to go to before I head home.

London (visit Reim)

If anyone has any recommendations or advice with those places. Where to stay, what to see, any connections. Comment. I think I may be going to Amsterdam in March, otherwise I'm not completely sure when I'm going to get this all sorted.

Spent Chinese New Year with my Singapore roommates. They invited a bunch of people from their University over here to the flat for a massive feast. Their friends were mostly all from Hong Kong, except one gent, who, was from Taiwan.

New Year!
Hungry Asians

They had a hot pot going and were just tossing fish, pork, beef, tofu, lettuce, crab, bean sprouts, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. I met some cool people.

Did some reading today. Got into Great Expectations. Excited about traveling and exploring some of mainland Europe. Just getting out of Oslo I think will be very nice. Its so small that you don't need long to explore a lot of the place. Plus it will be warmer in some of those other places. Especially as Spring and Summer roll on in.

Other than that stuff has been pretty uneventful. This morning there was a cluster of small canaries in the tree outside of my window. Its been snowing pretty steadily the past week. The sun has been a no show everyday. I don't really think about it anymore. The cold has become the same way. Classes are pretty boring. I finished my short story A Partial Death and am revising it a bit more before I try sending it out and seeing what happens.

I woke up one morning--I forget when--and I looked out from my bed and the window was pure white. I thought I was inside a tv and went back to sleep. The fog was so thick that every building had vanished. There were a couple days of neat fog rolling past the mountains and into Kringsja.

Tori is an endless source of entertainment. Hopefully she can get off work and we can all bound away to Amsterdam. I want to drive across Australia in her massive adventure trip of 2008. Maybe, we'll see. Alex is playing Sudoku on my bed and the day has been slow and I slept until 3.

May the force be with you.

presenting, the sexy, Beardo!


Anonymous said...

you should go to prague. edinburgh is pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

i know i just emailed you (twice), but send me your number so i can call you. and will you be coming solo?

love, r.

Julian LaBounty said...

yes. im coming solo. um, my phone situation is sort of strange. can you call my norwegian phone?

here is the phone number.


i just sent you another email. oh, i need to know where to go from the airport. where you are going to be at. haha

Anonymous said...

You might want to go to Dingle, Ireland. A couple of my friends went there and loved it. They're right on the coast and have a ton of traditional Irish pubs. Also, a great source of cheap places to stay is The provide picts, reviews, and rates.

Julian LaBounty said...

many thanks