Thursday, February 08, 2007


Looking up at the sky. It was a dome and I saw that the earth was completely covered in white; having snowed for three days straight now. The sun was the window, a small hole, cut into the clouds and it was so dull it was visible. Looking up I could stare right at it, and think that I was in a dollhouse and that I was as small as an ant.


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greta said...

i love reading your blog and then i think, i'm not the only strange one in this family...and maybe i should start my own blog...yeah, i'll start my own. but then, who am i kidding...i don't know how to do that, i just learned how to instant message and even still, i only have 2 buddies on my buddy list...and i don't do anything exciting to blog about except go to school and be sad and eat edamame....not a very excting blog-maybe i'll put that on my list of things to do someday...for now, i'll just get another tattoo....haha!