Tuesday, February 27, 2007

black holes and revelations

Opened a bank account today downtown. Which, started out difficult because the man working didn't believe me that it was possible to apply for a Norwegian Social Security number at the bank itself. I told him, I did, that it is indeed possible, and got him to talk to the guy next to him. Who found my file. Then they had a clumsy moment bouncing around, looking through manilla folders, and calling another branch until they finally found my number. Now I have to take a file to school and the rest of my money will be freed up. Drop some nok bitches.

Alex and I made breakfast, Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes, Terrible Instant Coffee. But really Alex made it and I ate. Went exploring, found a fish store. The people working seemed pissed that we weren't buying any fish. So, Alex and I shrugged it off when an old man tried to talk to us in Norwegian about why we were in fish store. I think. Wandered, went down to the fjord and walked along. It was pretty with the gray sky. A dull yellow light fading down on the horizon and the ships all bobbing in the harbor, white and sitting on top of the dark gray with the lighter gray sky. So four layers of different light, one sitting on top of the other. I would have liked to sit to some jams and watched it get all dark and see the lights blink on all at once.

We went back over and found a bakery. Where, before, walking past it had been closing and there was nothing in the window but the chocolate fountain. Now, the place was packed. Like people's crack. Their bread is their life. I bought a giant loaf of sourdough bread which is called. Bread from the Alps. I got a baguette for tomorrow's breakfast, and a buttery croissant. I ordered a cup of black coffee and Alex checked out a Norwegian newspaper, I ate and we chilled on these old wooden stools and tables.

I wandered around afterwards. My roommates have left for Italy. I'm afraid my kitchen is going to fall in complete disarray while they are gone. There are some pictures I have taken. Broaden the images of what Norway is. I think, there was more. But I'm listening to The Roots, feeling summertime chill. All I'm missing is a forty and a car ride bumpin' to some tunes. Going someplace. Vegas time pools, high summer sun, sunglasses, party nights...chill.


My P.O. Box. Where many awesome packages come to me

Poster for Party. I took it. Its chillin on my wall now.

A Popular Item

High Technology. 1000 kr, wtf?!



In Norway you return your bottles in these machines and then get like 1kr back for each bottle.

Norwegian Brown Cheese. I have some sitting my fridge. Its made from goats milk and is sweet. Its good stuff.


Costco Styles


A mainstay. Does not sit well in the tomato sauce they pack it in.

Utang = Exit


Bra's cause ultimate destruction with washer / dryers

Instructions 1

Instructions 2

Hand Washables


Washer Lineup


Photo in my kitchen

My giant sourdough

One day I looked out the window and the tree was full of these dark canary looking birds

my name is Goodkat. You can call me Mr. Goodkat.

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