Wednesday, February 28, 2007

fire skies

Tickets have been bought for Aurora Borealis expedition. The city of Tromso in Norway is the destination. Way up North in the Arctic Circle.

Friday March 16th to Monday March 19th.

i was looking online through some pictures, and the Mr. Sparkle (Homer Simpson face) came up. And i thought about downloading some episodes of The Simpsons. I headed over to Mininova and realized, there are 18 seasons of this show. I didn't even know where to start with the massive amount of content The Simpsons have put out.

* I have also added a Digg button to my blog. Though the only person I can think caring in anyway is Perry. Digg gathers up news stories, posts, pictures, information, podcasts, and any other kind of content by internet users. Top Dugg stories hit the front pages, etc. Check the site out. The stuff there is always really interesting. And I'm hyped I finally put a submission button up on my page. Digg it to get it more widely read.

i got out!

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