Tuesday, April 03, 2007

go to it

The picture above is of my magazine curtain contraption. Its quite effective now as one can see it hovers past the window for the longer one, preventing sun from pouring all over my laptop. However, there is still about an hour in the morning when in-between that crack it is on my bed and I wake up with my face blinded unable to see anything. I've discovered that sleeping with a pillow on top of my face works for that hour.

Cousin, I would like a copy of your new album. I am listening to the new songs over Myspace and I really want a copy of the album to listen to in full without having to go and click on links in Myspace over and over again. I'm sure you understand. Haha.

Otherwise, Tori came in this morning in panic and fear over many a dilemma which I am unable to help with. I thought the Nazi's were for some reason coming because she kept buzzing my buzzer that lets people in the building. Before that I was having a dream where I was watching red jewels fall from the sky and I would blow them up with some sort of magical gun and gain points towards my high score. I don't know why I was in a warped version of bejeweled / tetris, but I was. And I think it was fun, but I can't quite remember. Otherwise I have been writing. I don't think this particular story is going anywhere. I think though that as long as I'm moving, its okay. I would like it to move me somewhere due to my lack of patience. But I also realize that is not going to happen in such a quick amount of time, and instead will continue with the dance.

I wish there was another Gormenghast type book to read. I feel like that would be really awesome to plunge into where I am right now. With all these forests and mountains just screaming to be explored with book in hand. Middlemarch is progressing quicker than I expected because I have taken it as a personal crusade to get through the book.

Perry told me about a movie called Brick.

I thought to myself. This is the kind of movie that you watch and feel completely cool afterwards. With no explanation, since you haven't actually taken role in any of the elements of the movie, you just, feel, cool. He was right about me liking it, ah, how cute Perry, you know me so well. I laugh and chuckle. And now I wish I had those Raymond Chandler books I have had on my Amazon wishlist forever.

My roommate has taken to hibernation because of Easter Break. I think he sleeps more than anyone I have ever known. And my flat mates have all become rather engrossed in throwing gatherings based around food. Which are very exciting to observe. They have so many pots and pans, things boiling and bubbling away. They even have a rice cooker and make wontons and spring rolls. The smells that sink into my room as I am writing or reading are unbelievable. I think I am beginning to understand why Asian cuisine is so good. Its more than just food to them, it becomes this great social institution. Anytime people mix gathering and collective enjoyment with the process of cooking creates a delicious assemblage of meals. Take for example whenever there are cooking nights back home. Always a thing not to be missed, for there will be good food there.

And also, the past two days have been windy. And I lie in bed listening to wind howl and realize I never noticed the wind howling to such an extreme. It sounds like wolves are crossing Kringsja and going back into the mountains, occupying new spring territory. The trees and plants are all budding and slowly the weather is beginning to warm. Though 55 degrees is still cold, it is strange to think that this is warm after months of snow and below freezing weather.

Things are calmer; either I have lapsed and sunken so deep that the stirred demons and tireless urge has fallen into slumber, or I have been defeated so soundly that they rest with spears and swords lying scattered about, with wounds deep and horrifying that pierce the eyes and make those around want to shut their eyes forever. I simply 'am' at the moment. And I suppose that is relaxing enough. Where I don't know much about relaxing in the first place, I think its a good thing, I just wish I was better at it.

i want a copy of shut down shop damnit.

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sleeping with a pillow on my face is one of my favorite things to do.