Friday, April 13, 2007

From: Skulls

I was lying in bed with the afternoon warmth creeping up my spine. I read for a while trying to get through this blasted book. And then ended up deciding that I wanted to sleep. So I went for a nap and Blake called me about the Thunder Birds Are Now! show. We ended up going and Tori came along. It was down at Cafe Mono. A cool bar, with a tiny stage and a large hallway patio deal where there were red lights and people smoking. I got up right in front and hung out with all the crazy people dancing. They are really cool live, and the guitar player ran down into the front of the crowd and played with a circle of people around him. And I was standing right there next to him and it reminded me of this Lightning Bolt clip Jake showed me with everyone standing around the band. I always think that's awesome at a show, just being right next to the band.

I keep wishing I had magical coke and burger king powers. Where, if i think really hard, there, in my hand, will appear a whopper with cheese and a coke. I think it would be really handy, instead of all this cooking business that I am not very good at. I ate a bunch of potatoes yesterday. When I say I ate a bunch I mean I ate 4-5 potatoes because they were starting to get soft and go bad. My stomach didn't know how to handle that. And the rest of the night I was feeling horrible stomach churning action processing all those potatoes.

I am at a loss with how their school system works. I've given up trying to comprehend what a grade actually means, how much work my fellow stundets are doing, how much 'caring' is going on. Sometimes it feels like no one actually cares, and they've all agreed upon this fact. I wish I knew, as coming from somewhere else, I don't honestly know.

Today it is once again in the sixties. But I'm not much in the mood for talking about weather or school.

Well, I've sat here for a couple minutes trying to deduce what else. There is nothing else. Back to the pavement.

but tomorrow,
we should comit the perfect crime.

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