Saturday, October 25, 2008

Slowly moving my way across the wet ground, moving towards a grove in the distance all frozen blue & light blue with strange red lights beckoning. I was going to meet her there in the middle spot of the forest. A forest not normally known for having a middle, here I had discovered in a dream the way to find it and now it was happening. A no wind made everything easy to smell and my hearing was sharp. My mind feels awake I think its the cold pressing on my body. I had passed a frozen lake now a memory behind me on a flat horizon it still shimmers and a wave moves across it with snowflakes melting in terror trapped in their lightness of flight. There are no birds. That is strange. The sound of everything else; trees growing, crunching boots in the snow, a mysterious organ playing from far-away, it must be the forest making music. I blink several times and again look off, now even closer. The red lights almost seem a wisp of blood sprayed up and frozen in the air. She will be there. She will be standing in the middle between the trees by a stone singing to herself waiting for me. She doesn't know who I am yet but she can feel the vibrations along the ground, telling her that I am coming. And in her mind she knows too well the embrace of this meeting. She has been waiting 10 years for it. Ever since she discovered the spot herself. And how I don't know. My dream never told me and no one ever told me. I just know that it comes to those who know something deep inside their bones. Doesn't have to be anything in particular. A knowingness that goes beyond any word or action. A deep settling inside the heart that makes things very heavy or very light. No in between. Broken up overhead clouds shadowed the night, so that the moonlight was faint infinity of lines making strange circles on the ground. I could no longer wait. I moved faster and faster. The meaning of my life was about to come to me. How could it take any longer. Where was the future now when I cared little for what had come before. only only only only. 

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