Tuesday, October 28, 2008

posted on the balcony
in trouble
with the world.
mindless drudgery
awaits me,
and i am 
in all fashion
i fashion a bayonet
to kill the drudgery,
and am left with
A Carnival.
awaiting orders,
the color merges & Fades
into a noise of meaning,
lost is killing-
replaced by creation.
Curtain is a shadow,
which can be music-
folded cube of love
on a lap of tears,
salty fear dripping down
A face.
my baby is a lover,
she was let down-
by a killer.
now we go out in the wild
to see the stars, Burn!
now its time to heave,
the liquor burns, it burns.
craft me a life
for the both of us
cause im tired of scrounging
pity. tired of asking help,
need a lover.

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