Friday, January 26, 2007

stacks of change.

My smoke detector keeps beeping and its starting to drive me crazy. Plus I don't have a ladder or a damn step stool to get me up there to see if the battery needs changing. What the hell is this?!

Oh, and I got a beer bottle accidentally thrown at my leg.

I hate reading Jane Eyre. I think its a book Jessica has read, and liked. Or if not, will read, and like. A combination of those two.

Going to go get a nice meal over at school and then I don't know. Wrote a lot last night. Still feeling disjointed. The last bud on my orchid won't bloom. I think the sun has been slowly opening them up, one by one. And now its stuck in this perpetual moment, waiting for the light.

Need to wash ice cream bowls, and pizza plates. Ran into my roommates last night at Chateau Neuf. This computer was a wise decision. Sagely advice on a Friday. Don't drink all your cokes in 4 days. And grocery shopping has become another task for procrastination. I think I need to start personifying all the objects in my room. Like have a day with my beer bottles. Another day with my desk lamp. My camera, my pens, the plants, the map, the books.

I hope Pirate Bay is able to buy an island. I start to imagine this technological city, with only maybe 10 square miles of land and just pure insanity, with no rules and no management. Something out of Snowcrash, that lashing together of boats, or maybe a Nu Shanghai.

The possibilities.



Anonymous said...

i've never read jane eyre or anything by charlotte bronte, but i did read (and like) wuthering heights by emily bronte. you're right though, i probably would like that book. do you have to read any jane austen novels?


Julian LaBounty said...

umm. not so sure. wouldn't doubt it though.