Monday, January 15, 2007


Chillin in my room listening to Goodbye Stranger with it blasting in my headphones. Went out tonight to a really cool bar with Alex and Blake. Blake was brave enough to go after the absinthe. Pretty impressive. Though the stuff here doesn't have wormwood. I'm partial to Jack and Coke so I had a couple of those. Here is my conquest for the night. Enjoy.

Ran into the canadians Tyler and all of them outside our dorms. Another party tomorrow. Christ we've been having a lot of fun. Been getting some good writing too. Downloading Blinded by the Light.

Tomorrow I need to search out the laundry after having failed today. Also, I think I'm really starting to enjoy Oslo in the nightime.

Cheers as the bartender said. Monday next week in Majorstuen again.

the room was empty as we knew it.


Anonymous said...

your blog rejected my comment last post, so i'm a bit discouraged about doing this, but i'm glad you're having fun : )


Julian LaBounty said...

thats weird. did it say why it was rejected?

Anonymous said...

a supersoaker????

Anonymous said...

it sounds like you've turned into quite the party animal. :)


Anonymous said...

no. it was a quiet rejection. i realized it days later.