Wednesday, January 31, 2007

'reality is slowly becoming a joke', 'its own joke', 'its laughing...laugh!'

Couple of pictures I had lying around. Alex got the underneath part of her lip pierced and I went with her. The place doubles as a tattoo shop. I ate a pretty good hot dog at the 7-11 before that. I keep missing out on the ones wrapped in bacon; they are either sold out, or still not cooked all the way when I want one.

Just sort of lounging around. Today is my day off from school, its raining a little bit, its 20 degrees outside, and the fire alarm in one of the buildings keeps going off. My roommate is showering, I can hear him. Our bathroom smells like ass. I don't know why. I think its because the heater mixed with the old rags that the caretaker left in there. I need a mop or something, to clean the floors in there and in here, but we are sadly missing a mop. Tori keeps messaging me on my phone to come downtown and go look for the venue that The Mountain Goats are playing at but I don't really feel like doing much of anything. Especially getting on the metro and taking it all the way down in this cold. I swear, I can't get a handle on that. Doesn't matter how many layers, how many thermals I wear, it still gets to me.

Pretty excited about making a sandwich since I bought a bunch of groceries last night, and I got some fresh bread. I also finally bought cereal and milk. My new batch of bananas are bruised. I need to finish Jane Eyre.

There are always tons of people here cross-country skiing. They do that instead of taking the train, and then on the way back they pile their skis on the metro and ride all the way back up the hill. Since we are at the top here at Krinsja. Still need to go exploring and see the lake that exists right next to us that I have yet to see. And Alex is excited when warm weather comes to explore the insanely large forest right behind us. Go mushroom picking.

Some Norwegian students in my class asked me if I had ever seen a tumbleweed since I came from the desert. I sort of looked at them funny and said yeah, they are all over. They looked at each and fired away rapidly in Norwegian to each other. Then one of them, the leader is what I designated her, said, "Oh, we thought those were imaginary. You know," then cue the standard Western theme when two gunman are staring at each other and the music comes on and they fire away with the high noon sun overhead. Some John Wayne shit. And I met another guy, who's name is John, and his Norwegian friend said, thats not your name. Then he said his Norwegian name and John looked at him and said, but no, I like it, its like John Wayne.

There was a mess of French people in the grocery store last night. Roving around, stopping at specific spots.

Its really cool riding the train at night, and all night and black around becomes oppressive, and then the whole world around lights up as purple; the tracks sparking and shooting electricity into the air and illuminating the white landscape.

I wish I could take a picture.

Piercing place


The Burning Crusade! The IT kid at school was on thotbot looking at loot tables. Took me back to November.

The Underground part of the Underground

so this is what the volume knobs for


Anonymous said...

UNLV beat Colorado ST and is now ranked 25th in the nation.

Anonymous said...

a hot dog with bacon wrapped around it sounds pretty NOT delicious. i don't trust 7-11 food, so good luck stomaching that.


Anonymous said...

jessica did you forget the trip to san diego

Anonymous said...

i was just watchin muh movie, and i realized that during the whole scene in the restaurant with the farting businessman bit, zach is stoned off his ass. my evidence, in the scene prior when they're in the hotel room, you can see zach set down a pipe with smoke billowing out of it. and he's rubbing his face like crazy in the restaurant. kind of like i do.

Anonymous said...

thought you might find that funny

Julian LaBounty said...

Yeah dude! Na, after watching that a lot, I came to the same realization. That a lot of the time they are smoking or have been smoking and they just don't actually show it on camera.