Monday, May 08, 2023

radio vibe hearthrob

remind me


i feel like i am now,

a terrible dreamer

in the shadows of larger buildings

without soul.

i couldn't be much farther,

but they be far, and peaceful arms 

in the hands of shady diplomats, staves / olives / bars;

the side im on, i feel im all got, and we've never won.

how long to the future plan,

im not what anyone wants. but im brave. im not afraid.

courage in parts, take my hands - im thinking of you.

blowing in the wind, smiling, wild, life escaping us, 

romance and finding places in trust.

i could gather,

envisioned tangled beneath breaths.

imagined in a room, b u m contemplated 

lost control dreamed in synths of sun singing...

little ducks following footprints.   ...

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