Sunday, March 14, 2021

Plane Crash

Like a leaf on gentle wind, we floated down to paradise. Where old tourists, faraway bathed their, achy old hearts. The first night we, gathered luke warm without knowledge. Ancient trees watched us assemble the remains o f our luggage; i setup a transient bar: tequila, scotch, bourbon, cognac, and wine. Fire, tacos, myrmyrs... for dinner. Those that were sleepy retreated to nearby caves. And the final burning embers dimly gave way to crashing waves. Morning brought no one together. So i followed my soulmate, and a retreating river to town. More bodies, caked in white crystalline, or zinc, wrinkles, bored grandchildren; rows of white houses with the same double chairs in front and origin flags. I spoke Catalan; my lover German. Amused we were rescued. Returning with two others. They hadn't tasted what we had. We threw a party. At last the world beckoned. There was so little struggle. Nothing hard. Never weary. My stomach full. Warm and cozy. Missing without worry. Never lost, simply present. I cant remember what happened to, the others. And part of us forever stayed on that island.

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