Wednesday, September 15, 2010

its been a while now since i've posted any art and i've always tried no matter what to be somewhat consistent in my work habits so that i have something usually ready to show. however with my studio moving from my room to a larger workspace downtown i've had to clean pack and move three years worth of supplies and work and its taken some time with my little car. also since the middle of august i've been working almost everyday on something related to my computer business as well as a bevy of parties and small travels. i have not been lax just swamped with little time and painting takes stretches of time of not being interrupted to work and get the right motivation and thoughts moving. things seem to be quieting down lately so hopefully within the next couple of weeks ill be back in the swing of painting. it pains me that i haven't been painting but lots has been churning in my mind while my hands have been busy with other things. i am always working in my mind. soon to have work up again.

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