Tuesday, March 17, 2009

madrid entry 2007 : lisbon entry entry 2007 : goethe notebook

what a beautiful park! what a sunny day here in Madrid. god love this place, god I am so afraid of this place. it feels like i am walking around with some terrible, overwhelming secret. and someone, the waiter, a girl, will find it out. find me out for whoever i am. taking hands, long slender fingers and prying open my mouth. moving past my teeth and slowly grabbing that terrible secret. maybe it is dark. like a masked face. i can be afraid.

black chucks
eleven day old jeans hot and tight
And all I've done is wandered,
I've been tired
I always feel strung out
coming off an addiction
All i can do is keep moving
until im through

times moves slower with their nothing
ever being in front
but it all
all of it seems to end sooner
things cropping up
that need do. 

running out of pages
might be out of things to do
watching them sell drugs in a
small park overlooking the sea

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