Thursday, January 15, 2009

i am afraid of losing things,

a moment of silence

for the wonderful

cause i pick fights

with what i'm afraid of losing,

someday i'll say how i feel

& it'll pay off-

right now its a picture

try and understand

that you'll leave a mark

on my brain

& my heart tempers

in a forge

around fire

i dreamt of lying next

to something i'd lose

its at peace, this war, at 2,

at noon its a blood filled place

without air

when beauty is elusive, hidden amongst

the snares of


An ugly beast drips filth across

the floor

its when friends ease the pain

that it all goes away

turns into a feeling

that falls slow

from my fingertips

its when i've died in my head

that i feel the peace
of saying
what i mean.

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