Sunday, November 19, 2006

Camping for a Wii

We camped out from 11:30 pm to 9:00 am to get our hands on our Wii's. It was quite a struggle and very cold, but we did it. And oh was it worth it.

Covered in an obnoxious amount of layers while the sun finally came up.

Monsieur Pennington in all his grandeur

Jake slept through the entire night. He realized that sleeping on hard concrete, in the cold, is the worst thing ever. Oh, he also fell asleep next to a swastika. The sleep nazi.

Paolo with his towel scarf and awesome beanie. Our spiritual guide and documenter, photographer.

The Line going down Charleston

The valuable ticket that got you your Wii

Faithful comrades who visited throughout the night with food and blankets.

The Final Countdown (cue Gob's stage music)

Success after like 10 hours of camping.

The Final Product

Its seriously the coolest fucking thing ever. And thanks to Paolo for documenting the whole adventure. Totally worth it.

pswii. let's get wiitarded. play with my wii. don't you want to play with my wii? i like my wii. don't touch that wii. wiination. wii are the people. wiiating.

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