Monday, March 18, 2024

tremulous notes

 a kind of noble rot,

the wormwood works

winding wordlessly

thru the ear,

in a cellar deep,

deeper below,

the wild promises

passion beckoning,

so so so quiet, lips like ever slowly licking,

like this...we like it, we do.

Hidden meetings, deepest farther,

a kind of choice is made, for all the others.

Finally, the wine is popped

the dress lingers in the shadows

tomorrow floating on some rack.

A contrast landscape

every green imaginable,

the perfect space and distribution of life.

a kind of beautiful thing,

a kind of harmonious sound,

a kind of idyllic course,

a kind of bio bless;

i am wound wordless

stricken and lovely now.

silent prayer

 i know i know

tomorrow comes again;

I am i am, tomorrow

unless no, more, now.

All else, less us, all us

But again; i am i am

tomorrow no more.

All else less us fail, fail.

Beyond tomorrow

Forever yesterday, today.

Friday, February 09, 2024

after the rain

in the desert a natural puddle forms from the rare rain, and all the living know this represents the ability to survive until the next one.

birds will bathe in the winter morning

as the sun breaks through the clouds

that are blown by dry wind and sky.

this momentary oasis can be nestled in the shadow of some ancient carved out cliff,

rocks that remember they were once submerged.

some weird root, clawing and clasping across the craggy land

inches slowly forward to sip.

in the end it will be the leftover stuff

from everything that had drank and touched and played,

perhaps down close, as close as possible, one could hear the last drop

evaporate away.

Friday, January 19, 2024

pivot fool

 The side in the sun .

At the football match .

Didnt know .

But im warm, And its better.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

sunday starboard cats

 These guys on a sunday Drinking shots, gambling, high fives and so much winning. Is that bro life? Do they slap each other around in celebration. Are they secret dads and husbands in the bar. And always slaves to the multitude of games. Bring it, bring it all on for us. YEAH. I give time, I give hope,  I give love, I give looks, Dont feel shame, Cause yeah these are probably good dudes.

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

message recieved

 somehow i know

youll know me,

from the crease along me,

that time the mark was made

and we both watched

as it happened.

being read by firelight

at night, in the quiet,

with shadows, with warmth,

and starlight - through a window.

somehow each of us must

be, and carry what we are.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

gaze on

 I fish the stream, I gut the fish I love the ride Of her fingernails, I quote french And receive a kiss, I gather wood & fire burns.  Roast the sustain, On some charcoals, Plenty light now, Before the close.  The rest of nothing becomes whats missed, and knotted furrows depress the look.  Ivy grant me, A second cusp, Red brick memory from a backwards glance.  Hear us laughing, in the dark, so soft and pretty, in the night;  Clamorous calamity Bright armageddon. Bounty feasting, glorious and sublime.

secret secret

 there's always something hidden,

in the back or

around the corner, in a spot

darker than seeing eyes.

and it was put there

for safekeeping

away from the reality

of others.

ideas brew idea babies

and they grow as fast as time.

it is the thinking,

that without light or water

without contact

without notice

that hidden stuff cannot grow

so sadly false is this view

and yet here we linger

in this form.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

message in a bottle

 we are here

on this earth

like the trees

and the sun

and the air

and our hurt,

we are live,

as we wait,

as we build, as we care,

i know this thing,

about us all, i watch the wave

tumble forth,

call out names: one by one.

collapse the hard

by being good.

Look out farther,

further in,

grant me access,

receive love.