Wednesday, September 27, 2023

message in a bottle

 we are here

on this earth

like the trees

and the sun

and the air

and our hurt,

we are live,

as we wait,

as we build, as we care,

i know this thing,

about us all, i watch the wave

tumble forth,

call out names: one by one.

collapse the hard

by being good.

Look out farther,

further in,

grant me access,

receive love.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

late night confessions

 i cry at night,

seen only by the


the noise hums,

i fill with regret

like a tub, a sink,

plugged up!

baby i just want to,


like a good guy

like a true


can i please be 

mighty like the 



Sunday, June 25, 2023

that good romance

 theres a cool car

& an ocean breeze,

dont forget restless obsessed,

beggin beauty bout you,

dont leave...hey,hey,hey.

i needs to leave you this way,

cutest bay, little moo, tippy toes,

scrunchy nose...

flick back your hair, dont care,

its forever ago, i know your smell,

always forever crushing.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

a momentary mantra for passage

 time is a measure of space,

and light is the ruler;

From within we expand,

From expansion we contract.

The truth the ebb

the reality the flow

the present tense

the fixed point from where

we measure.



Friday, May 26, 2023


 sometimes i chop stuff down

cause i feel wrong

or told that,

or tired, worn;

sometimes i break things

by mistake or not,

finally lost of fear

dangerous, dumb, done.

mostly i breathe slowly,

remember past tragedies,

carry on.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

the stars above us

 i sit by the fire surrounded by desert and look:

In front of me the flames take shapes,

i feel free and settled, and they speak;

deep within my cells the history of my all my pasts unfolds slowly with the heat and outer blanket darkness, and those times tell stories like when you used to camp with friends and family.

The rocks are witness.

The craggy outlines and holes penetrate the meaning. Im left to wonder.

The stars above also consuming matter, and gravity thuds the pit another log for the flames.

As night passes the moon rise quickens and all living things attend to the heavenly transer between star and celestial body.

The fur of other beasts and plants coats the body, and at some point also sizzles and splatters, crucified / sacrificed in the name of lofty purpose. 

Depending on the adventure the desert can beckon with many diversions, pleasures, past times, or meditations.

Bold adventurers sample whatever offered.

Call your name,

So much emptiness answers.

I settle gently, still by the fire.

As it embers my eyes whisper dreamy,

thankful for the mojave.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

future holds

 utah money, on the backs of dinosaurs;

destined for Los Angeles, and too old

to be a fun wag.

Best wishes greeting card

bout the bayo sandwich shoppe.

Make revenue, french press business.

Gangster Katies past the bullshit balls


Along the coast somewhere,

a child named ocean, a digital nomad,

designs a collective consciousness

where a swath of awe inspired mammals

vibe out forever ditching their wasted copsules.

Come on,

a tendon pulled forever long

that tensions together with

the void.